5 Tricks To Avoid Burnout

Uncategorized May 08, 2018

Feeling burnt out is one of the worst feelings in the world. When you are stressed and overwhelmed and hit rock bottom, that is burnout! 

This can cause you to lack serious energy and drive to be productive. It's difficult to focus and get motivated to conquer your day to day goals. 

Typically what causes burnout is when you are out of balance in, what I call, The 6 Areas Of Life: Self, Health, Adventure, Wealth, Family and Spirituality or Motivation. What this means is that you aren't spending enough time focusing on how to balance out these areas. For example, you work 8 hours then come home and spend 1-2 hours with your family not fully present (being plugged into your phone, zoning out on a TV show, catching up on emails). Then go to bed, wake up, check your phone, head back to work and do it all over again. Where was the quality time with your family? You may have been in the same room with them but were you fully present? Probably not because you were distracted. 

This routine can be draining and lead to burnout! Where is the downtime for you, to do the things that matter the most in your life? It can be easy to get stuck in this day to day rut without realizing what we are doing to ourselves. 

I have some good news! It can be simple to pull yourself out of this rut and not be burnt out, but you have to be willing to make some changes. 

Are you ready to start? 

  1. Make a Plan To Get Unstuck: creating a 10 minute morning ritual: 2 minutes of meditation, 3 minutes of journaling, 5 minutes of planning out your day. Grab my free 3x10x30 Formula Worksheet to help you through this process. 
  2. Say No: it's ok to say no, you can't do it all! You should only say yes to the things that will help you move towards a goal of yours. Every time you say yes, you are adding more to your already full plate. 
  3. Take Breaks: set a timmer and take a 2-5 minute break every hour! Studies show that you will be more productive when you step away from the computer and give your brain some downtime. 
  4. Avoid Distraction: turn off the alerts on your phone so you can focus! Every time you look at your phone in the middle of a project, you are 20% less productive and multitasking leads to feeling overwhelmed. 
  5. Rate The 6 Areas Of Your Life: “The great mistake most people make is to think of balance in terms of evenly distributed hours” – Brendon Burchard. Equal time on work and life is typically not realistic. Rather than focusing on balancing hours, try focusing on balancing happiness or progress in the 6 areas of life. Rate yourself 1-5 in each area: Self, Health, Adventure, Wealth, Family and Spirituality or Motivation. The areas you score a 3 or less are the areas you need to focus on more.  You will feel in better balance which will lead to avoiding burnout! 

If you are wondering, where do I start? How do I pull myself out of this funk and avoid burnout in the future? I created a  3x10x30 formula worksheet. This formula will teach you a simple routine to follow on a weekly basis that will ultimately keep you on track and if you fall into a rut, you can come back to this formula to pull you out. Click on the link to download your free gift. 

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